Month: March 2020

Buying Vintage Clothes Online

If there’s one thing I’m usually on the hunt for, it’s something vintage. There’s something about finding the perfect piece that no one else is wearing that is just so exciting for me. My collection isn’t very big, but I do love the pieces that I have. Over the last year I’ve found it a little more difficult to find vintage clothes in my size. It can be pretty frustrating, but I’m here to tell you that plus size vintage is not a unicorn, you just have to have some tools under your belt and a bit of patience.

California Dreamin’

I just (well, two weeks ago) came back from my first trip to the West Coast and seriously, it was the loveliest little winter getaway. Winters in New Jersey can be dreadful, although this one was fairly mild. Even still, I wasn’t taking chances and decided to book a trip out to California to visit friends and get some much-needed sunshine.

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: March 8

I do my best to take the dread out of my Sundays, sometimes it’s a success, others not so much. I’ve found hyping myself up for the week helps if I can muster up the strength to do that. Having some good podcasts on deck can usually get me pretty hyped – I’m an easy-going lady.