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A Reprieve

It’s been about a month since I’ve posted last and I figured I should just check in. Much like the rest of you, I’m sure, the current state of the world has impacted my daily life quite a bit. Thankfully, it hasn’t impacted me in a serious way — my health is good and my family are safe, and my heart is with everyone who is facing hard times right now.

Last week marked a month of being home, and I’m just doing my best to make this feel normal. Some days are better than others. In fact, there’s always exactly one day during the week where I find the energy to exercise with the free weights I have. It is what it is.

My cat Winnie has been such a great companion during these times.

I’m not here with much advice on how to get through this, because I would be kidding myself if I thought I had the authority to do that. But, I will say as someone who has worked night shifts for nearly five years now, social isolation isn’t a new thing for me — but this extreme amount of social isolation certainly is. It’s never been easy, it’s just something I had to learn to accept and work around over the years.

I’ve been setting up more video chats with my family, checking in with friends more during the week via text, catching up with people I haven’t spoken to in a long long time via social media. If I’m not feeling it, I don’t reach out. I’m an introvert but I need a little bit of interaction to charge my batteries.

I definitely started my first week off at home ready to renovate/reorganize/do crafting projects, etc. But then I ran out of steam very very quickly. I had dreams of puzzles, binging shows, getting super buff with at-home workouts, baking bread. None of those things have happened, and I’m OK.

For the most part I wake up, have my coffee and breakfast, work, maybe watch an episode of The Sopranos (we JUST got to Season 6!) and attempt to sleep. Sometimes I’ll take a walk around my neighborhood, sometimes I don’t even leave the house to go to the mailbox. Going with the flow of the day and tossing away expectations is what works best for me right now.

My favorite things about being home have been having WAY more time to read. My typical drive to the office (when traffic is good) is 90 minutes. Because I’m behind the wheel, reading isn’t something I can do to pass the time on my commute. Since I’m not commuting, I’ve really been enjoying digging into more books. Especially from my local library — online!

I’ve also been cooking so many more meals at home. Because of my work schedule, I haven’t been home for dinner during the work week in about five years. My husband and I meal prep our lunches on Sundays, and I would often also meal prep my dinners because I wouldn’t be home for them and he would just whip up something small on his own at home during the week when he got home from work. Now I’m home, and we can take turns making dinner for the week. It’s been a lot of fun and it also sometimes can feel exciting to figure out how to make something delicious with the ingredients we have on hand.

Those are only a couple of things that have been working for me. While I’d love to say I’m being much more productive, this is all I can muster for now and that is fine.

Go gently, and take care. Much love to all of you, and a special special thank you to all essential workers (whatever you do). And if you can recommend a light read, I’d love to hear about it!



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