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Sunday Not-So-Scaries: April 26

Are the weeks just blending together anymore? Sure feels like it. On the bright side, I’ve finally found an at-home daily routine that’s added more structure to my days. I generally go to sleep at wake up around the same time now and squeeze in a short at-home workout and a walk before work if I can. It’s not much but it does help. In addition to my new schedule, I’ve sprinkled in a few things while at home to make the days a little brighter.

I just ordered this print from Robin Eisenberg.  I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while and she is incredible.

In support of an indie book store I enjoy in Princeton, I ordered a copy of the first book in the Preacher series, which is fun because comics are new to me, plus I loved the show (AMC/Hulu!). I also ordered The Passing Fever: 1918 Influenza Poems by Melanie Faith which is no doubt going to give me (more) nightmares.

I recently finished Erica Ruth Neubauer’s debut mystery novel Murder at the Mena House (borrowed it from the digital library). I have never been a mystery novel reader, but it was so fun. I also just finished Ali Wong’s book Dear Girls. I loved every bit of it. So funny and insightful.

Have you tried Yoga with Adriene? Her Yoga for Vulnerability video was particularly wonderful (and free). I love a good gentle yoga practice, so this was right up my alley.

While out for my walks I’ve been trying to listen to podcasts (in place of my podcast listening on my long commute to work). I recently revisited the Mob Queens podcast because I loved it so much the first time. It dives into the life of Anna Genovese, a business woman who married into the Genovese crime family and was in charge of running NYC’s drag bars.

I made Chrissy Teigen’s fork and knife meatball sandwiches the other night for dinner and they were a hit! Super easy and quick to make. Her cookbook is easy to follow and offers substitutes if you don’t have some of the ingredients listed.

Everybody seems to be making bread these days? Should I do that or what? Be safe, take care and let’s get through another week at home.



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