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Defining the Weekend

I love New Jersey’s official Twitter account right now for reminding me what day it is. Never have I felt caught in a loop of endless days – well, not counting that annual week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Prior to the shutdowns, my husband and I basically only saw each other on the weekends. I always looked forward to Saturdays because it meant the work week was over, but also because Tom and I would get to spend some time together. Usually we would go out with friends, head to a local bar or restaurant, go to a movie, I can’t go on or I’ll get weepy about the outside world.

From one of my favorite date nights from last year: an NJ Devils Game. Ugh… I miss going places.

These days are a little different. Not only because we don’t really leave the house together aside from walks (he goes to work still because he is an essential worker and I do the grocery shopping every two weeks), but because the days just blur together. The weekend doesn’t feel like the weekend anymore and I usually wake up thinking it’s Thursday or something.

I’ve decided to start finding ways to make it clear that the weekend has arrived so we can maximize our chill-out time together, even though we’re just staying home.

I’d love to say that on the weekends we can finally wake up together, and have coffee together and eat breakfast together. We don’t. Tom works on Saturdays and is up far earlier than I’m willing to wake up (I’m still working the night shift, just at home), and on Sundays I generally sleep embarrassingly late, so Tom is usually eating lunch when I’m getting up to have my first cup of coffee. It’s our normal, we’ve been doing this for years and it’s fine.

We are lucky enough to have a backyard to sit in and enjoy safely. Our favorite thing to do lately on Saturdays, weather permitting, is to gather sticks and whatever wood we can scavenge around the yard and start a fire in the fire pit. We love sitting by the fire with a little drink and chatting until the sun goes down. It’s a cozy way to enjoy a Saturday for us.

Bet you can’t guess which cup is mine.

We also like to dine outside when the weather is nice on the weekends, and if you’re living in the Northeast you’ll feel our pain of the polar vortex this weekend! It’s not something we can do during the week because dinner has to be a bit quick since it’s during my shift. Making a point on the weekend to sit outside with our dinner makes it feel like an extra special day. It also really makes me wish that more restaurants in my town could do al fresco dining once things open up again.

We don’t do it every weekend, but once or twice a month we like to order takeout from our favorite local restaurants. We have a few family-owned places that we frequent, but our favorites are a local Greek restaurant and a local Mexican restaurant. It’s a nice treat and it signifies the end of another week. Otherwise on the weekend we try to make a fun dinner, something that takes a little bit of time. This weekend I’m making a small 3 lb turkey that I got during a free holiday promotion at our local grocery store, for a nice hearty and special Sunday dinner.

Does it get any better than homemade cornbread?

I’m finding that we spend our Saturday nights watching movies and Sunday nights watching TV, right now it’s the Sopranos (we’re ALMOST done). It’s not something we’ve done on purpose, but I love the way that it naturally unfolded. We don’t watch TV together during the week, so it’s fun to sit together on a Saturday and scroll through every streaming service for what feels like a century until we just decide on a random 80s movie that neither of us remembers watching growing up. We just watched the Money Pit last weekend. I adore Tom Hanks, but who doesn’t?

I’ll probably keep forgetting what day it is for a long time, but having a little shakeup on the weekends helps a little bit.

What are you doing to define your weekends?


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