Month: July 2020

I’m Growing an Avocado Tree

I’m a millennial, so of course I love me some avocado. On toast, on eggs, on burgers, on salads, all by itself. I have a problem. Back in May, quarantine boredom struck me (as it does) and I decided to try propagating an avocado pit. It’s progress has been so fun to watch these last few months. It’s growing so fast! I started by cleaning and removing the skin from the pit. Next, I located the top end and the bottom end. The top end will be pointy and will sprout from there. The bottom end will be flat and will root from there. Next I put four toothpicks into the seed (don’t pierce the line on the seed) to anchor it while it grows. Be careful not to break the seed! I then transferred my new pal to a cup, submerging the bottom half of the pit in water. I changed the water every few days, and gave the plant a nice sunny spot on my window sill. Slowly but surely roots began to …

Natural Deodorants I’m Trying This Summer

Natural deodorant is something I’ve been dabbling in off and on over the last few years. But once the summer hits I usually ditch it for fear it won’t work in this unforgivable Jersey heat and humidity and go right back to my tried and true conventional deodorant. But since I’m not really going anywhere and am keeping a 6’ distance if I am around people, now feels like the best time to try again and really put these deodorants to the test over the summer.

Simple Overnight Oats

Breakfast is often a really elaborate meal for me. I love making a big production out of breakfast because it used to be the only meal I ate at home when I was working in the office overnight. But now that I’m home all the time, the energy to whip up a spinach and egg omelet with fruit and waffles has dissipated. I’d rather just have coffee and imagine my breakfast will magically appear and wonder why I’m hangry later. With that, I started making overnight oats to bring some simplicity to my mornings. It’s quickly become my new favorite food to make and it’s super easy.

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: July 12

Woo… Another week, how are we doin’? Things are starting to come along at our house right now which is really exciting. We moved in nearly two years ago and hadn’t been able to make the changes we envisioned when we bought it. At the beginning of March we started renovating our living/dining rooms but had to put it off due to the shutdowns until recently. I’m happy to say it’s FINALLY finished! Once it’s decorated I’ll be sharing a post about it, and I can’t wait. The only downside is I’m finding I feel very indecisive about which furniture pieces I’d like for our new living area — I currently have six tabs open with different area rugs. I know the right one will catch my eye eventually, though. Maybe. While working on our home has been keeping us pretty busy lately, here’s a few things I’m loving right now: It has been HOT lately, and it’ll be in the 90’s next week here in Jersey. I haven’t felt comfortable going to the beaches …

What Happened When I Ordered Plants Online

For years I’ve daydreamed about becoming a plant lady, but I always thought I was just never destined to have a green thumb. I’ve killed numerous plants over the years, even a bamboo plants which I was certain was indestructible. How sad? The summer after we bought our home I decided to finally give gardening a try. I was shocked that my garden did so well last year, save for my strawberry plant – but it’s thriving this year! Every day I checked on my sweet little green babies outside, and once I realized that I could actual care for greenery, I decided to give house plants another try. Unfortunately, with the shutdowns I wasn’t able to get out and buy the house plants I so badly wanted. Instead I decided to shop online. I shopped around and considered using a monthly plant service, but the prices were a bit steep and there weren’t a lot of pet-friendly options. I ended up buying three plants to start with from Lowes. The brand I used was …

Summer Reading: June

The biggest perk of being at home all the time and never leaving my house again (crying) is that I can read SO much more than I did before when I was commuting over 3 hours every single day. I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to share the books I read in June. I will add that all of these were books I read using an e-reader with the Libby andHoopla apps while my library was closed.

Back Again

This year has been so wild. I can’t even get all of the words out to describe it. For the first leg of the spring, I took a break from blogging to take care of my mental health as Covid was running rampant in my state. We are mostly contained here in N.J., thankfully, but we are also still home, still social distancing and still following guidelines to stay as safe as possible as the summer season heats up and more and more tourists come down to the shore for weeks off and weekends just a short distance from where we live.