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What Happened When I Ordered Plants Online

For years I’ve daydreamed about becoming a plant lady, but I always thought I was just never destined to have a green thumb. I’ve killed numerous plants over the years, even a bamboo plants which I was certain was indestructible. How sad?

The summer after we bought our home I decided to finally give gardening a try. I was shocked that my garden did so well last year, save for my strawberry plant – but it’s thriving this year! Every day I checked on my sweet little green babies outside, and once I realized that I could actual care for greenery, I decided to give house plants another try.

Unfortunately, with the shutdowns I wasn’t able to get out and buy the house plants I so badly wanted. Instead I decided to shop online. I shopped around and considered using a monthly plant service, but the prices were a bit steep and there weren’t a lot of pet-friendly options.

I ended up buying three plants to start with from Lowes. The brand I used was Costas Farms, and I am in baby-plant-lady heaven (I’m just getting my feet wet here).

I ordered a Calathea, a Majesty Palm and a Kimberly Queen Fern. And they are so lovely!

I had to be careful about which plants I brought into our home because our cat Winnie loves eat, and I wasn’t sure what kind of interest she would take in house plants.  One of the downsides of ordering from Lowes was that they do not have a filter for pet-friendly house plants. I ended up using a different site’s filter and then plugged in the pet-safe ones. It was a bit of extra work, and I researched everything before buying it to make sure it was 100% safe, but it was worth it considering Winnie has already been chomping away at our new green friends (agh!)

When the plants arrived they came in individual boxes, were wrapped in paper, and had a stick to keep them together during their travels. Getting them out without damaging them was fairly easy, too. The plants already seemed to be watered and were ready to go! They came with care instructions and light requirements which was helpful since I’m a newbie.

To change my killer plant ways, I downloaded an app to keep track of when to water which plants, since they each need different levels of care.

Overall, it was a great experience. I love the new additions to our home! And they’re holding strong :fingers crossed:


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