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Natural Deodorants I’m Trying This Summer

Natural deodorant is something I’ve been dabbling in off and on over the last few years. But once the summer hits I usually ditch it for fear it won’t work in this unforgivable Jersey heat and humidity and go right back to my tried and true conventional deodorant.

But since I’m not really going anywhere and am keeping a 6’ distance if I am around people, now feels like the best time to try again and really put these deodorants to the test over the summer.

I wore each deodorant brand for a week to test it out. I wore them while inside, while outside in the 90+ DEGREE HEAT (cries), on walks, during at-home workouts, while chasing around my little nephews and while on my couch re-watching Jackass 3 from behind my hands. Seriously, I must be getting older because my entire body hurt watching that. The stress had me sweating! Anyway, my sweaty self put a handful of deodorants to work. Here’s which ones I tried and the ups and downs of each.

Schmidt’s/ Rose + Vanilla

$8.99//Cruelty free and vegan.

Pros: Schmidt’s is the cheapest of the brands I’ve used and it’s pretty easy to find in the grocery store.

I like the scent of this one but it can be a bit overpowering.

It’s also aluminum free.

Cons: I found it doesn’t glide on as well as some other deodorants and can feel a little rough on the skin.

Unfortunately, because of the baking soda in this one I’ve experienced some irritation and dryness as the day wore on.

I have definitely needed to reapply throughout the day. Especially if I’m working out or in the heat.

Little Seed Farm/ Jasmine Green Tea

$11.99//Gluten free, cruelty free, GMO free, Paraben free

Pros: The scent of the jasmine green tea is very subtle and nice.

Three ingredients: jasmine oil, green tea leaf extract and activated charcoal. THAT’S IT.

I experience no BO smell as the day wore on, which is a win in my book.

The consistency was creamy, and I experienced no irritation and had no need to reapply.

I received this in a makeup box a while back, but if you buy from Little Seed Farm’s website, you can select package free shipping which I love. Zero waste, baby!

Cons: This one took some getting used to for a few reasons. For one, this was my first venture in using deodorant creams. I had the bamboo applicator for it (it also comes with a free wooden applicator which is pretty small), which was great to use for scooping it out of the jar, but overall I just used my hands to apply and it wasn’t a huge deal – just different.

I didn’t always feel like it was ON, it goes into your skin so it doesn’t lay on thick the way a conventional deodorant may do it had me feeling a little concerned at times that it wasn’t going to hold up. But surprise! It did.

Humble Brands/ Hemp CBD Mountain Lavender

$15.99//Aluminum free and cruelty free with 250 mg of CBD.

Pros: Just a few ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, non-GMO corn starch, beeswax and baking soda, high quality essential oils and 250mg of CBD.

Baking soda in deodorants typically causes skin irritation for me, but this one didn’t. Maybe it was the CBD?

It goes on super easy, which I love.

The scent is great. It reminded me of Angels on Bare Skin from Lush.

Cons: This one was by far the most expensive deodorant I tried, and at 2.5 oz the price is a bit too steep for me.

This was the only deodorant I used where I experienced dreaded armpit wetness. I definitely felt the need to reapply with this one.

Freedom/ Sample pack

$13.60 – $14.40//Organic, Cruelty free, Paraben free, Gluten free

Pros: The consistency was great.

I liked that I could order a sample pack before diving in and buying.

The unscented one was my favorite – no bells, no whistles, just some deodorant there to do its little job.

Cons: A bit expensive. The prices for a 1.9 oz stick of deodorant range from $13.60 – $14.40 which is a bit steep for me.

The sample application was difficult, they came in small containers with a day or two’s worth of deodorant in each, but without a small applicator the process can be a bit tricky.

Didn’t love the scented ones, but the unscented was great.

So that’s my deodorant journey. The jury is still out honestly on which one is going to be THE ONE for me. There were so many others out there to try, so if you’ve tried something else let me know!


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