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I’m Growing an Avocado Tree

I’m a millennial, so of course I love me some avocado. On toast, on eggs, on burgers, on salads, all by itself. I have a problem.

Back in May, quarantine boredom struck me (as it does) and I decided to try propagating an avocado pit. It’s progress has been so fun to watch these last few months. It’s growing so fast!

I started by cleaning and removing the skin from the pit. Next, I located the top end and the bottom end. The top end will be pointy and will sprout from there. The bottom end will be flat and will root from there.

Next I put four toothpicks into the seed (don’t pierce the line on the seed) to anchor it while it grows. Be careful not to break the seed!

I then transferred my new pal to a cup, submerging the bottom half of the pit in water. I changed the water every few days, and gave the plant a nice sunny spot on my window sill.

Slowly but surely roots began to grow, and very recently it began to sprout (!!!!!) Once the stem reached about 12 inches, I decided it was time to move it from the mason jar to a pot with soil.

This is definitely a long haul project, and I’m not expecting any fruit from my tree any time in the next year or two, or three… or four. My plan for the winter is to bring the tree indoors, since the winters can get pretty frigid here in New Jersey. But I’m so excited to watch it grow! Tending to it has been a daily joy for me. I’m new to all of this, so if you’ve propagated an avocado pit before, I’d love to hear your tips!


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