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A Tale of Two Living Rooms

When we moved into our home (almost two years ago now!!!!!), Tom and I debated over which space would be our living room. He voted to have our living room in the front of the house, I voted the back. The ceilings are high in the back of the house, it’s out of the way (aka we don’t need to keep it tidy all the time) and the natural lighting is a bit better back there. With our friends on my side and my great persuasion, our living room went to the back. Win for me!

As time went on, though, I had a change of heart and had to do the slow crawl back to let him know he was right, and we should give the front of the house a try. You have to be able to admit when you’re wrong sometimes, I guess.

When we bought our home, each and every single room (just about) was a slate blue with white trim. Nice, but it just was not for me. We decided to brighten it up a bit with a nice white, we used Behr Sleek White.

Our front room before! All that blue…

Once we finished painting the front rooms and putting up new trim, we hauled our living room furniture to the front of the house and that’s where we ran into a big dilemma.

Nothing fit.

Our sad loveseat, banished to the back of the house all by itself.

The rooms are the same sizes, but the layouts are different. The main issue is the front door. In order to get the loveseat to fit into the room, it would have to be a bit in front of the door, which is not ideal or functional. It also begins to creep into the dining room area, which we’re still working on.

We knew that no matter what we did going forward we were going to need to furnish one of the rooms completely.

We’re taking that part slow now, slower than I’d like to be honest but we need to see what’s going to fit. We ordered a new couch from Article to add to the front/living room. I plan to bring in a smaller coffee table and end tables, and hopefully a chair for more seating to the room once we see how the couch fits. We are also on the hunt for a new TV (Tom’s gift to himself) and a media cabinet for that. The trick is to keep the room feeling spacious, which I’m learning is pretty difficult but NOT impossible.

I have started adding décor to the walls but stopped short when I realized the furniture wasn’t going to work in the room. I have some plans for once the new couch arrives (two more weeks!), including some plants and possibly a few more pieces of art.

Once the new couch arrives we are banishing this couch back to its original space in the back of the house. Thankfully, that back space doesn’t need any more seating.

Our plan for the back room is to add a fireplace, and we’re hoping to do that this year. We can safely assume that the previous owner had a fireplace in this space originally, but then removed it for some reason, leaving a bit of a cubby in the room. That cubby currently houses my workout from home equipment, and I’ll be sad to see my big workout space go as quickly as it came.

RIP workout space

Since the back room gets pretty icy in the winter, we are on a slab and that room has very very high ceilings, a fireplace would be the most functional piece to add to the room. Plus we would love a space in the house to entertain without a TV (we love a good board game night with friends).

I have a few more future plans for this room up my sleeve, and I hope I can make them a reality and share them here. But for now, the one and most attainable idea for this room is NEW PAINT. I’m just not a fan of dark paint colors and I think a lighter tone would really open this room up and make it a nice cozy place to be. I haven’t settled on a new paint color yet, but I’d love to hear some ideas if you have them!

Winnie hates that we moved the rooms, tbh. She’s an old gal set in her ways, though.

Being a homeowner definitely has a learning curve, but I’m so glad that things can always be moved around if they don’t work out the first time.



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