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My $5 Lamp Refresh

In the midst of our living room saga, I have been slowly trying to decorate the front room space, and one thing I’ve started with is lighting. While that room has recess lighting, but I’m a believer in the more light the better.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but lamps can be pretty steep. I guess I’ve always either bought cheap lamps — not even going to be embarrassed by that, Tom and I spent the majority of our 11 years living together on a seriously (and I do mean SERIOUSLY) tight budget up until we bought our home in 2018. We had a lot of $10 box store lights bought more for function than style, thrifted lamps and hand-me-downs that didn’t match at all. Ya do what ya have to do.

I recently took a trip to Home Goods for some throw pillows, another thing I’ve never been comfortable with spending money on, to be honest. I found this lamp that looked like it could fit in with the scheme of our new living room, and it was $34.99 – which is more than half the price of a few I had been coveting online.

But once I brought it home I realized the matte paint on the lamp wasn’t something I really liked. Instead of returning it and starting back at square one, I bought a can of enamel gloss to zhuzh it up.

I really like to think of the things I find sometimes are just suggestions for what they can really become. Gotta use that imagination!

I bought a 12 oz bottle of Rust-Oleum protective enamel gloss spray paint in white from The Home Depot for $4.27(!!!!!)

I could have used a clear gloss, but there were some scuffs on the lamp that I wanted to cover, so the white worked out perfectly.

I used painter’s tape to cover the areas I did not want glossed, and admittedly missed some spots on the base so will have to go back with some gold paint to touch it up (OOPS). Look, no one is perfect. It happens.

I made sure to put the lamp on a higher surface on top of cardboard and just rotated the lamp as I sprayed. I let it sit in the garage to dry for a few days, actually just to be on the safe side.

I love the way it turned out, and I cannot wait to add it to the living room, since we still haven’t moved our furniture around/bought all of the pieces we’d like to have up there.

But that’s it. A super easy, quick and CHEAP little lamp fix. Thanks for reading!


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