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My Favorite Pet-Friendly House Plants

I guess once I hit my 30s I decided to lean fully into my dream of becoming a plant lady. I’m well on my way now. So far I’ve only had two plant casualties (RIP), but I’m learning as I go.

One of the hardest things about plant lady life is finding easy to care for, gorgeous plants that are also pet safe.

To all the Monsteras I’ll never have, I love you from afar. </3

Winnie loves to chomp on my green babes, so it’s definitely never safe for me to buy something potentially dangerous and just hope she will know enough to steer clear of it. It takes a little bit of research before going to a nursery or any plant shop, but I also think it’s much easier to shop when you know exactly what you’re looking for anyway.

I like to keep a little pet-safe list on my phone. Some nurseries do have pet-safe sections, or some kind of indication that certain plants are OK for our fur friends.

A few of my favorite Winnie-proof houseplants are:

Spider Plants, non-toxic for pets (though it can upset their stomachs if they ingest it), pretty easy to care for – although I had a spider plant casualty last year in my first foray into the plant life.

Succulents** most but NOT all are non-toxic to pets. I have two Houseleeks that are pet safe, but this list of which are OK and which are NOT from PetMD is helpful. For instance, my kalanchoe is kept somewhere in the house where my cat can’t get to it, because it’s unfortunately not pet safe.

Calatheas, or prayer plants. I have two in the house right now, and I’m in love with both. I have them out of Winnie’s reach, but since they’re non-toxic I always feel much safer knowing that if a leaf falls, she won’t get sick from it.

Hoya, so pretty and an easy-to-care-for plant that climbs. It’s considered non-toxic for pets but can still be difficult for them to digest. I have this one out of reach of Winnie.

Majesty Palm, I currently have two. I moved own outdoors because Winnie wouldn’t stop eating it and I had nowhere to put it off the ground at the time. Winnie loves to chomp on this one the most, which is annoying but it’s safe at least.

Fern, oh my poor fern. It’s struggling, but I’m not giving up just yet. It’s a non-toxic plant for cats, which is a plus for curious fur friends.

When in doubt, fake plants always work! I have a few fakes in the house and zero shame.

Some Winnie love.

Do you have any pet-friendly faves? Drop me a line!


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