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Sunday Not-So-Scaries: August 30

*Aquarius cusper, Cancer moon, Cancer rising*

And just like that, August is just about over. Time is just rolling on so quickly now, I can’t seem to keep track anymore. We’re so close to finishing our spare bedroom, which means my work-from-home space is about to change once again so we can work on that.

I haven’t picked out colors yet, but I have some time to figure that out. I’d love to paint a wall mural – something I’ve always thought would be fun. Really, as long as I have a place to work that isn’t at my kitchen table I’ll be happy.

Here’s a few fun things I’m loving.

I recently finished Chani Nicholas’s “You Were Born for This” and I’ve been SO obsessed with reading my family’s charts. I’ve loved astrology for years but I never knew how to read my chart, so this book was so fun.

My good friend sent me a link to this water bottle she’s been using and saying it’s huge would be such an understatement haha. I wanted to be sure I was drinking more water throughout the day/night and so far, so good. Though, it feels like lugging around a small child.

We have been looking for different ways to spend our weekends since we’re always home, and recently we went with a few friends to a creek nearby and spent the day floating downstream. It was such a fun time, the water was exactly what I needed and it was really easy to keep a social distance. Plus, no one’s tubes popped! No pics, but that just means we had a blast haha.

Have you seen the trailer for The Home Edit’s Netflix Show, “Get Organized” ? I’m excited!

Also, as a New Jerseyan, I have to say you must watch “Class Action Park” on HBO Max if you haven’t yet. My jaw was on the floor a few times, and that park is the stuff of NJ lore for millennials.

I’m dying for this adorable bat hanging planter!!!!!

I want to add an update to my natural deodorant post. Full disclosure, this was sent to me by the company following that post, but they did not ask for anything in exchange. I really liked the Schmidt’s deodorant I had tried from the grocery store, but it caused irritation on my skin. BUT they make a sensitive skin formula, and I have been using it every day for weeks now. I have the Rose and Black Pepper, which kind of reminds me of of Old Spice, which I used to wear a lot back in the day haha. This one though is super smooth on my skin, and no irritation. Yay! They use hemp oil, too. I’m a fan!

That’s it for me this weekend. I hope you’re all well and cozy!


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