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Article Seno Media Unit: An Honest Review

I quickly want to say this isn’t a sponsored post, no one asked for my opinion BUT I’M GIVIN’ IT ANYWAY, haha.

COVID has really changed the way I shop these days. One thing I’m doing more is shopping online. I definitely did my fair share of shopping online before, but not as much as I do now. If I can avoid going to a store, I do. But one of the scariest things for me to buy online, besides eyeglasses(!!!), is furniture.

We’ve been working on our living room spaces, and if you haven’t read my saga of our living rooms we have had to buy furniture that will actually fit in the room. Which has meant I’ve been scouring the internet for the right pieces for our space. It’s a daunting task, which I thought was going to be fun, but was kind of wrong about because the choices can be over(and sometimes under)whelming.

Tom decided this year he was going to buy a new TV. Since I don’t really watch TV before/after work, I just shrugged and let him do his thing. He ordered a larger TV than the one we had for years. This meant not only did we need a new couch for the living room, but now we needed (and very quickly) a new media console.

After he ordered the TV, I got to work and finally landed on Article’s Seno Walnut Media Unit.

Ain’t she a beaut?

It was more than we wanted to spend, by a long shot. But the way I see it, the solid wood is worth the investment because it’s going to (I hope) last much longer than something that was under our budget.

It took a little less than two weeks to get to us and because of COVID, Article is doing contactless delivery – which means they will bring the box to your door, give you a call and leave. I appreciate their careful approach to not only our safety, but the safety of their delivery persons.

The box was heavy, but light enough for me to at least scoot it into the house until Tom got home from work. I really loved that Article took extra care in packaging it, and everything came in tact.

The only assembly for us at box opening was the legs of the stand, which was quick and easy and the middle shelf – also quick and easy.

There are two veneered beveled doors on each side with plenty of storage space. We haven’t been using it to store anything just yet, and I’m not quite sure if we will. But the option is there and it’s great to have.

I love the mid-century look. It really pulls the living room together. And it sure beats the free curbside hand-me-down coffee table we were using for years as a TV stand (RIP).

My sweet nephew clearly didn’t mind our old coffee table-turned-TV stand at all.

Hoping to share our finished living room sooner than later, but patience, patience, patience (I tell myself).


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