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I Got a Tarot Reading on Etsy

I’ve been shopping on Etsy a lot more than I have in the past these days. Seeing other people’s creations just brightens my day and inspires me so much. One night I was browsing the internetz for occult shops and found one that really spoke to me on Etsy.

Of the many things offered, tarot readings were on the list. One of my long-running traditions is to get a reading once a year. I’ve gone to many different psychics and healers in my life – the majority were very good readings with the exception of maybe two, one of which I ended up consoling the man reading my cards about a personal issue he was facing. I’ve gone to coffee shops, Renaissance Faires, the back rooms of occult shops and other people’s homes for readings before, but I’ve never done one virtually.

But ya know, COVID, so I bought it and hoped for the best. Well, here’s what happened.

When purchasing, the reader asks that you leave three questions in the notes section of your purchase for her to answer. She was super responsive, she left me a message immediately to let me know she’d be delivering my reading in about three days.

I didn’t know what to expect, and tried really hard not to think about it while I waited. In the three days I received an Etsy message with a PDF of my reading. It was so thorough and conversational – I truly felt like I was reading an email from an old and dear friend. Which many of her reviews stated, and they were so right.

Some of the things she mentioned were also things I discovered about myself after reading my own natal chart, with the help of Chani Nicholas’s book You Were Born for This. For instance, I am deeply emotional and an empath, and I tend to hold other people’s emotions for them in addition to my own. I got some self-care advice for how to cope with this in my reading – minding that I did not give her my chart information.

She also included really helpful meditation links and resources for me that pertained to my reading, which she did not need to do. She truly went above and beyond and left room for follow-up questions if I had any.

After having never done a virtual reading before, I can say that although I prefer to be in the presence of the person reading my cards — this woman still made it feel that way for me. Sometimes a tarot reading, for me anyway, can feel like another therapy session — and this one did, especially with the advice and resources she provided for me.

Have you ever gotten a tarot reading? Let me know!

PS, linking my Golden Girls Tarot Deck here. 🙂


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