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Easy DIY Skull Wreath

I’ve declared it Halloween season in this house already, despite it not being fall just yet — ALMOST! I’m an autumn lover, I know so compelling, and especially Halloween. I have a lot of fond memories of decorating our home for Halloween as a kid with my mom, and I wanted to carry that into my own home now as an adult.

My mom has always been big on DIY decorations, and in my opinion is a master wreath artist. I’ve never made my own wreath before, and decided after a quick trip to the craft store that I was going to make one for Halloween.

Luckily, there was a sole black wreath left, so I bought it and picked out a color scheme. I got the idea from Michaels and while I know I executed it differently, it really sparked my creativity.

To make the wreath I used wire cutters to trim down the flower stems, and then arranged them how I wanted into the wreath. I turned on a spooky podcast to get into the spirit, my pick for this was Let’s Not Meet, and then slowly took out the pieces and glued them back in using a hot glue gun.

I thought the skulls would be tricky, but there ended up being small holes at the base. I used small leftover stem pieces from the flowers to anchor the skulls by gluing the stems into the skull. Once they dried I inserted the stem into the wreath and glued, and then for extra security glued the base of the skull to the wreath, as well. Lotsa glue.

This is a pretty quick project and can be done in a day or weekend depending on your time constraints.

I have the wreath hanging on our door already – can you tell I’m pumped for Halloween?


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