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Two Years In Our Home Sweet Home

Wow wow wow! We’ve officially been in our home for two years! It feels like we’ve only been here for a minute, honestly. Time truly flies.

I laugh when I think about the day we saw our home for the first time. We had been living with family to save up, and were house-hunting for well over a year at that point. When we left to meet with our realtor for an afternoon of home tours, I told Tom this was the last one for the year. If we didn’t find “the one” that day, we needed to take a break. House hunting is EXHAUSTING mentally, physically and spiritually, and we had been to so many showings with little success. Not to mention, our wedding was just around the corner. I didn’t have the bandwidth anymore to focus on both. And as if the universe heard me, we found our home that day – it was one of the last ones we walked through.

Friends had told me that when you walked into “your” home, you’d know it in your gut. I didn’t believe that until it happened. When you know, you know.

The process was mostly smooth, thankfully, though I spent the first few months after we moved in wondering if I was just dreaming that it happened.

It wasn’t until very recently that we’ve really started making big changes to our home. Our house was built in the 70s, so our our list for updates is a mile long, but we’re working our way through it on our own time. The first year we were here I suffered some pretty debilitating health issues, so updating our home wasn’t a priority. Now that I’m back on my feet, we have been making some amazing progress.

So far:

We’ve updated our living and dining rooms, but are still furnishing the living room., painted the kitchen (I wish I had a before photo!!!), and updated (almost done the spare bedroom) two bedrooms upstairs.

We have so many dreams still for our home. And as we go along, I’m learning how to make our space as cozy and loving as possible. Honestly, I never want to move again but I guess never say never, haha!


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