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Sunday Not-So-Scaries: September 27

Hellooooo! I’m having a sleepy Sunday today, but not much else is new in my world. I’m anxiously awaiting the birth of my newest little nephew, seems like any day now! I love being an auntie so so much, it’s definitely my favorite role in life.

On the first day of fall this year I decided that I needed to spend it outside — either in the woods or on the beach. Thankfully where I live I have easy access to both. I chose the beach, and I’m glad that I did.

It was empty aside from a few sunbathers and a handful of surfers. Local summer — well, fall now. But I was able to walk down the beach without worrying about being too close to anyone (I brought a mask juuuuust in case). I laughed when I thought about the fact that my first beach day of 2020 just so happened to be on the first day of fall. I was happy to be there, though. I sat in the sand and put my feet in the water and set my intentions for this coming season.

Autumn has so much in store it seems, and with so much swirling around me I wanted to put my focus on at least one thing for this season.

It really filled my cup, and I want to make this a new ritual.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend — and I hope it’s as sleepy and lazy as you want it to be.


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