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Shopping Small

I have been on a real Etsy kick these days. I love seeing what other people out in the world are creating at home and if I can support their creative work, I try to.

I feel like I can scroll through Etsy for hours on end just hunting down handmade and vintage pieces from all over. My favorites list is shamelessly overflowing at this point.

I recently bought from a few shops that I wanted to share:

Horticultural Charcoal from Living Arrangement

I’m a baby plant lady, so I wasn’t sure why my plants were looking a little… sad. It turns out I had a few of them in pots with no drainage holes, which meant they were way too saturated. I found these horticultural charcoal packets from Living Arrangement and so far, so good! They were affordable and shipped quickly. Yes, I definitely could have just taken a 10 minute ride to the Home Depot, but this seemed like a good option and they were exactly what I needed.

Pink Handmade Felt Lettering Board from Felt Like Sharing

I saw this board on Amazon originally and decided to find the actual seller’s page, which led me to their Etsy shop. The shipping was quick, and the packaging was so lovely. It also comes with a canvas bag to store the letters. Plus, the shop owners communicated with me so well and they were so kind. It looks perfect in our dining room.

Natural Acne Treatment from Brown Butter Beauty

This stuff is SO GOOD! I’ve been struggling with some hormonal breakouts recently and wanted a natural option. I found this serum from Brown Butter Beauty and so far it’s really great. All natural and smells good. I put a little bit on a cotton ball and apply after washing my face at night.

Pamper Gift Box from Pillar Box Gifts

Someone close to me recently has had to undergo some very intensive medical treatments. I wanted to send them a care package since I cannot be with them at this time. I found this gift box from Pillar Box Gifts and it seemed perfect. The one I bought came with a motivational postcard, a lavender eye mask, cozy socks, an aromatherapy roll on oil, and aromatherapy pillow spray. The shop is woman-owned and is geared towards supporting other women, which is so beautiful.

I have a few more items on the way, woops! Once they’re here, I’ll do another roundup. I love shopping from small businesses – not only do I get to support them with my wallet, I get some pretty unique pieces. Win win!

Do you have a favorite small biz?



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