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10 Podcasts to Get You Ready for Halloween

Ohh I love a good scary story. Spending half a decade taking the long long drive to and from New York City late at night into the wee hours of the morning I would scare the living hell out of myself on the regular listening to horror podcasts. There were many times (an embarrassing number of times, actually) where I would turn my interior light on or swipe my arms to the back seats to check for a serial killer mid-way through my drive home. As if some crazed murderer would be waiting the 20 minutes it took to get from Manhattan to I-95 to finally strike. Yeesh.

I haven’t made my 90 minute commute in about 7 months now, so my podcast listening has dwindled a little bit. But, with Halloween around the corner I’ve been diving back in for some much-needed scary stories.

I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite creepy podcasts to get you in the Halloween mood:

  1. The Last Podcast on the Left: True Crime, ghosts, UFOs, supernatural things, comedy. I have been an avid listener of this podcast for many years now, and at first I wasn’t sure how comedy and true crime could blend well, but it’s so great. The comedy is never targeted at victims, and it’s taken the bite out of these serial killers for me – instead of seeing them as these otherworldly boogeymen, they’re shown for the horrible people they really are.
  2. Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast: Real life stories of horrifying encounters. A subredit brought to life in a truly haunting story-telling podcast. I go through waves with this one because when I listen I assume every story is 100% true, and when I have that mindset, it’s so so scary. Andrew Tate is a great story teller!
  3. The Clearing: True Crime/Investigative one off series. A woman suspects that her father is a serial killer, and in 2009 her suspicions turned out to be true. The investigative reporting in this one is really great, the story is definitely scary.
  4. To Live and Die in L.A.: True Crime/Investigative one off series. In 2018, Adea Shibani goes missing from her Hollywood apartment. Incredible investigative reporting on this one, as well.
  5. A Paranormal Chicks: True Crime and Paranormal comedy. Spoooooky ghost stories and true crime tales told by two Southern ladies, Donna and Kerri. I love their banter!
  6. Bear Brook: True Crime/Investigative one off series. An investigative series about the mystery surrounding four cold case murders in 1980s New Hampshire. Excellent reporting on this one.
  7. The Night Owl Podcast: Paranormal. Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol fashioned ghost story? Excellent accounts with ghosts and the paranormal, hosted by Stephen Belyeu.
  8. Grave Stories: Paranormal. Former grave digger Nathan Barnatt tells listener submitted ghost stories. When the narrator gets freaked out telling stories, you know it’s gonna be a good one.
  9. Spooked: Paranormal. Truly terrifying real life ghost stories told by host Glynn Washington.
  10. My Favorite Murder: True Crime, comedy. True crime tales told by hosts Karen Gilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

There’s so many more out there, of course. If you have any excellent ones that you love, I want to hear about them so I can add them to my queue.

Don’t get too scared now!


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