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In Your Own Backyard

This past weekend was so lovely. I got to visit my sister and her family yesterday — her newest addition was just born last week. He’s so snuggly! I love being an aunt so much and it meant the world to me to visit the kids and play with my nephew, who is such a busy toddler now. I wished we lived much closer than we do, but the drive isn’t terribly long and it is always worth it, of course. Also, thank goodness for FaceTime!

On Saturday I was swamped with things to do around the house, but my sister-in-law invited me on a walk in a park close by so I put everything down to step outside. I tend to forget that we have a park right down the street from my house. It has really beautiful trails and this is my favorite season to hike around because the bugs are minimal and so is the sweat, haha!

I’ve slowed down considerably since March. I actually had no idea how busy I always was when I was commuting to work. Now that I’m home, I don’t leave the house for much anymore. And I honestly don’t ever want to go back to that much running around again. But even though I’ve slowed things down, I still haven’t quite taken the time to just be outside in nature and take it extra slow.

It’s definitely something I will try to be more mindful of this fall. Unfortunately, winters in the northeast aren’t exactly warm. But I’ll do my best to get out there.

Happy Monday! Take it easy.



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