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Our Second Year

Today Tom and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary. We got married just two days shy of our 15 year dating anniversary (which if you’re doing math, we’ve been together for almost two decades now). It’s still the most magical day of my life.

The universe gave us the perfect, crisp autumn day, especially since the day prior was so humid and rainy. My heart was so full to be surrounded by the people we loved, celebrating and dancing to 80s music all night long (bless that DJ for being so down with that — he said he was excited about it haha). And we got married in such a beautiful place. The memories make me smile every time I think about it.

We somehow fell into the tradition of following the year-based gifts. I’m not sure if it’s something we’ll do forever, but it’s fun and makes it really easy for making a small gift purchase.

Last year I drew this for Tom for the Paper Year.

And THIS year, which I’m sure he’s going to be *thrilled* over, I got us matching Halloween pajamas for the Cotton Year.

Cheers to two years, and for many many more. Xoxoxoxoxo


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