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Clean Nail Polish from Target

Olive & June in TT $7.46, vegan, 7-free and cruelty free. Made in Korea.

I wanted to love this one — the packaging is cute and I see it everywhere it seems. Plus, for a clean nail polish it’s on the more affordable end. However, this one turned out to be a miss for me. Maybe it was the light color I chose? The wand is much wider than traditional nail polish, which I actually liked. But it didn’t seem to go on very smooth, it felt very thick, and it took a lot of coats for the color to look right to me. It does not dry quickly, and every time I thought they were dry I was wrong and smudged them up.

ella + mila Elite collection in Little Plum Dress $10.49, vegan, 7-free and cruelty free. Made in the U.S.

Goes on smoothly, but needs a lot of coats. Not sure if that had more to do with the darker color I chose, though. Out of the three, this one chipped the least and lasted the longest. I was pretty impressed with it!

tenoverten in Cliff $12, vegan, 8-free and cruelty free. Made in the U.S.

This one was pricey, but by far my favorite. It is the perfect fall color — however, it looks VERY different in person than it does online. It’s more of a brown, not an orange. Fine with me, but if that isn’t what you want be aware of that. It did chip very quickly, but most polishes do for me. I was able to touch it up with no issues. Easy to remove, as well. Definitely loved this one!

These are only a few of the clean nail polish brands out there right now, but I wanted to give these ones a try because I was able to order them from Target — which is pretty accessible (not for all areas of the country, I’m sure — apologies).

Have you tried any clean nail polish brands? Let me know!


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