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Casual Halloween Outfits

Over the last 7+ months of being home I’ve been wearing leggings, leggings and more leggings. One thing I want to trying to do a little bit more is get dressed at least once a week for the heck of it. Sometimes I really miss putting together something fun to wear and heading into work and trading outfit compliments with my coworkers. This is obviously the very least of my quarantine worries, but there’s no right way to measure how this effects us. Covid times are so strange.

Not only have I been getting dressed up way less, but with Halloween rolling around I haven’t even made up a costume. Halloween costumes can be really fun, but embarrassingly I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a very long time. Over the recent years when things got busy or parties dwindled, I just took to wearing some kind of Halloween-themed outfit and called it a day. But even still, it always brought me joy and boosted my Halloween spirit. One thing I’ll say about my fashion choices is that I’ve always unapologetically loved a novelty shirt/sweater. I have a lot. Like…. a lot.

I still have no idea if my little nephews are trick or treating this year here in Jersey, but I like to take them out with my brother and sister-in-law each year when I can. My nephew gave me some ideas for my costume, but I never got around to getting one. So I put together a few outfits in preparation for Halloween this year to get into the *spirit.* (I added links to the items, and similars to older ones!)

Also, I know my poor spider plant is wilting. If you have any tips, I’m all ears!

Sweater: Modcloth//Jeans: Target//Headband: Etsy//Booties: Earth Origins//Lipstick: Too-Faced

Ghostly. Orange. Sickening Don’t think for a second that I won’t wear this fair isle sweater into December. I got this sweater from Modcloth when it first dropped and I’m really glad I did because it sold out FAST! It’s back in stock again, though, and there’s a bunch of other patterns. I’m wearing it in a 1x, but I could’ve dropped down to an XL. It’s comfy, though. Top it off with my new favorite matte lipstick: Too Faced’s pumpkin spice and this super cute braided velvet headband I bought from Iris Atelier Couture on Etsy. The booties are new. I wanted something to replace a pair of brown booties I was wearing for years that finally bit the dust last year. They are a tad snug, but I haven’t been wearing shoes much at all over the last 8 months so, I’m just wearing them sparingly. The jeans are Universal Thread from Target. Not my favorite pair, admittedly. I have been wearing them while waiting for the Madewell Roadtripper jeans to finally arrive (they were backordered). They have good stretch and are sturdy, but feel a little too rigid for me sometimes. For the price (under $30) I’ll take it, though.

Sweatshirt: Etsy

Serving this sweatshirt with jeans, leggings, a skirt, nothing — DO YOU. All I’m saying is this sweatshirt is so cozy and I spent my weekend cozied up on the couch, scaring myself to death watching spooky movies but feelin’ cute because I think I have thing for sweet little ghosts this year. I got it from Mom Shirt on Etsy. Their sizes are Unisex, and I ordered a large because I like my sweatshirts a bit on the roomier side (but not too roomy).

T-Shirt: Last Podcast on the Left (Similar)//Jeans: American Eagle//Mules: TOMS//Hat: Etsy

Hats are my It’s been four+ days and I’m likely washing my hair tomorrow vibe haha. I bought this hat from The Silver Spider on Etsy a year or so ago actually, and I tend to wear it a lot in the summer. It’s a subtle joke to myself that since I have fair skin, I can look pretty ghostly in the summer time. I wear SPF 50 any time I’m out in the sun! I’m a big fan of The Last Podcast on the Left (True Crime/Comedy podcast), and this shirt is so comfy. I’m wearing an XL, but could’ve probably sized down because it’s a relaxed fit tee. It’s currently sold out on their website, but I linked a similar one. I wanted jeans that weren’t a skinny leg, and I really like these American Eagle stretch mom jeans. I bought them in petite and they fit great. American Eagle is a great size-inclusive brand — which is not something I’ve ever equated them with when I was growing up. Their jeans seem true to size in my experience and I’ve been very impressed! I got these TOMS mules on clearance a few years ago so I linked a similar pair. They’re so comfortable!

Top: Modcloth//Flannel: Target//Jeans: Target//Boots: Torrid (Similar)

I know this top is actually a pajama top, but I don’t believe in fashion rules. I waited so long for it to be back in stock at Modcloth so I plan to wear the heck out of it. Also, ghosts haha.

I’ve always loved a good flannel, especially one that’s actually heavy (like a flannel should be). This one from Target fits the bill for me. It’s pretty thick and it’s cozy! Wearing an XL. These boots are older from Torrid, so I’ve linked a similar pair. It’s so so hard to find cute wide calf boots that are wide enough — and for small feet, and Torrid has been impressive. Plus, I got them suuuuper on sale (I spent about $30), so keep an eye out for that! If you’re new to buying wide calf boots, I will suggest measuring your calf circumference before shopping and I’d also suggest just shopping for them online. I’ve spent countless hours in the past trying on and trying on and trying on tall winter boots that were “wide calf” but weren’t actually wide enough. It’s disheartening to go into a store knowing they have nothing for you. I cut out the middle man and just got very specific in my online searches. It’s helped tons!

That’s it for my Halloween-adjacent looks! I’ll be rocking them all next week I’m sure.



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