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Vacation Day Dream: Salem, Massachusetts

Stickwork: an art installation by Patrick Dougherty

My sister and I have a running tradition of going on a special sister vacation together each year, though since the birth of my nephews that’s been put on a brief little pause. A few summers ago we decided to take a trek up to Boston, and do a day in Salem. Well, we ended up spending the majority of our time in Salem because we loved it so much. Unfortunately it was not during Halloween, because I don’t fair well in crowds, BUT we still had a spooky time and I loved every bit of it.

One of my favorite things to do on trips when I can is a ghost tour. I love them! We did one of these (and there are many in Salem) but we took ours with Witch City Walking Tours. The guide was so knowledgable of the area and its history. It was not cheesy in any way (we did see some that were, which can be fun but just isn’t for me).

The history of the witch trials in Salem was perhaps the most sobering part of our visit and I will never forget it.

Is Thackery Binx lurking around anywhere?

And the fun parts of course were seeing all the old haunts from Hocus Pocus.

There were also so many cool shops in Salem. One of my favorites was Haus Witch! When I got home I ended up ordering this witches candle collaboration with Bill Crisafi and Soy Much Brighter. It smells soooo good.

Hoping I can go back again some day and stay a bit longer. I wish I were brave enough to stay at the Hawthorne Hotel (apparently it is suuuuper haunted), but I’d love to wander by again, haha.

Have you been?



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