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My Chill Autumn Playlist

I love a good playlist. I liked to think I was a mixtape artiste back in the 90s, a CD car mix magician in the early aughts. I would meticulously map out my playlists and always had so much fun doing it, but I stopped for a long time. Back in January one of my ideas was to make myself a playlist each month. But once lockdowns started in March, I started just lumping the months together in one big playlist because, well… it felt like one long month.

During this extremely intense time between the pandemic and the election, I’ve been turning to music that will relax me. A playlist can sometimes feel like a remedy for me. And the remedy I’ve needed is relaxation. I made this very chill, soothing playlist with the utmost autumnal vibes and I’m sharing it with you!

I very recently started listening to Taylor Swift, haha! So, there’s a few of her songs on there. As well as Otis Redding, Radio Head, and Carole King.

If you listen, I hope it brings you even a semblance of calm right now.


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