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The Great Outdoors

Hello, Monday! This weekend Tom and I joined four friends for a camping trip in Worthington State Forest here in NJ. I had little to absolutely no cell service for two nights and it was GLORIOUS. Cold, but glorious.

With the news running in my house non-stop last week, a weekend away from it all was welcomed and so so necessary. I spent quite a bit of time planning for the cold on this trip, and I think I did OK! Not going to lie, when I found out when we were going, I almost backed out. I do not like being cold at all, and the thought of sleeping outside in November almost made me run. What I got to get through it was:

A two-person sleeping bag for lower temperatures. Ours was rated for 35-45 degrees. It was plenty warm for the weather we had. I also bought an insulated blanket that we kept inside of the sleeping bag which helped a lot.

I bought a battery operated air mattress to keep us off the ground. That $20 purchase was a life saver for us. Not only were we way more comfortable than the last time we went camping without one, I think it helped keep us much warmer.

And of course, I slept in thermals and wool socks. So toasty! All but my face was warm. Tom and I have already decided that if we do go camping again, we would splurge on a better tent. Ours was bought pretty cheap maybe six years ago the last time we went camping. It works enough, but it didn’t really do too much to keep us warm. So, next time!

Sitting around the fire with friends was so much fun. We were able to just sit in nature with people we care about and laugh and chat and enjoy it all. Aside from the strange party-screams we heard in the middle of the night and… WOLVES. It was peaceful and lovely.

Cooking a full egg breakfast using beer cans

Our site had access to a few trail heads and we took a five mile one on Saturday. So pretty and the unseasonably warm weather made it even better. I was happy to get some leaf peeping in.

Two nights of nature really refilled my cup. I couldn’t be happier and more refreshed — especially after clocking in a nine-hour sleep last night to make up for the difficult nights of sleep I had outside haha.


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