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Meal Subscription Review: Martha & Marley Spoon

There are SO many meal subscriptions out in the world right now. I can barely keep up! We’ve tried a few, mainly with coupons from friends who had been using the meal kits (Hello Fresh and Every Plate). The cost didn’t seem like something we wanted to spring for, so we never signed up for them after the promotions ended. But, it recently came to my attention that Martha Stewart had her own meal kit.

I truly adore Martha Stewart, and have for years and years. I knew that no matter what, I was going to give this one a fair shake because c’mon, it’s Martha!!!

I found a coupon for a deeply discounted months worth of boxes and went from there. Without the coupon, the cost is kind of steep for me. For two people, two meals a week it comes to $48.99 (that’s with shipping included). Meh. Kind of pricey, in my opinion.

When we got our first box I realized WHY it was so expensive. We had ordered a salmon dinner, and the salmon was from Norway (!!!!) The ingredients are all fresh, and simple which is great.

One suuuuper pro for me was that the box and everything in it can be recycled. I’ve found that some other kits come with way too much plastic packaging for my liking. So far, this kit had the lowest waste for me.

One con, though, is that we often ended up with more ingredients than we needed. Things like garlic cloves and seasoning. I just saved them for later use, though.

The meals were a bit more intricate than other boxes, but I actually liked that about them. I wanted to step my cooking game up and this really helped. I will say, though, that these meals are very calorie dense. So, if that is a concern of yours just be aware of that.

There are so many meals each month to choose from, which makes it really fun. There are vegetarian options! There are also options for sweets, especially closer to the holidays. And you can also choose to add extra proteins to your kit.

Overall, we really enjoyed this kit. It seems far more versatile than the others I have tried. I think for the price, this is something we can do once a month as a treat. Especially during these Covid times when we aren’t going out to restaurants anymore, and although we do order in sometimes, it’s still nice to make a special meal at home.


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