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One Sweater, Three Ways

I’ve been working from home since March, and not really leaving my house for much of anything so it’s not really surprising that I fell into the routine of not getting dressed the way I used to in the “before times.” My go-to has been leggings and t-shirts with cardigans. But I’ve been trying more and more to wear more put together outfits lately, even if no one besides my husband and cat will see them.

One thing I value about fashion is getting more bang for my buck. I love wearing the same pieces over and over and over again, but I also really try to mix them up when I can. I definitely have some unique pieces in my closet, but I tend to buy versatile things that I can throw together in different ways.

I’m going to show you how to pull together three different outfits with one black sweater. Easy peasy!

This sweater is my new favorite. It’s $69.95 from Madewell, and it’s also currently on sale! Not only is it cozy, it’s really great for putting together different outfits.

Jeans & Boots Combo

This is pretty much my winter uniform, haha. I’m a big fan of wearing sweaters & cozy tops with jeans and tall boots. It can work for most occasions, even if we aren’t going anywhere these days. Jeans: Madewell via Poshmark (similar), boots: Torrid (similar).

Casual Jeans and Sneakers Combo

Another go-to for me is jeans and sneakers. I’ve been trying really hard for years to break away from this but have decided just to lean into it. I like being comfortable what can I say? This would have been something I would have worn to the office in my pre-covid days. I work night shifts at an easy going office, so this would have been juuuust fine. Jeans: American Eagle, shoes: Madewell via Poshmark (similar), hat: Urban Outfitters.

Skirt & Booties Combo

Skater skirts are so fun! And they really make me feel put together when I wear them. IF I were going to a holiday party this year, this is definitely what I would wear (SIGH). But, there’s always Zoom, right? Skirt: Modcloth, booties: J. Crew (similar), headband: Etsy: Iris Atelier Couture.

There ya have it, one sweater and a few outfits you can turn it into. I love outfit options and I hope you enjoyed these. Stay cozy!



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