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WHEW! I know the running joke all year long has been how awful 2020 is but this year has truly been such a bear. I’m glad it’s almost over if I’m being honest, but I’m also really glad that I’ve made it this far.

When we think about Thanksgiving, we think about gratitude. What are we grateful for? Sometimes, though, it can be hard to recognize what we are thankful for daily. Especially for folks (like your’s truly) struggling with mental health issues — it can be hard to focus on anything else sometimes. But, I’ve reminded myself weekly since March of the handful of things that I am grateful for during this pandemic. So I wanted to share a few of them with you all.

My husband Goes without saying, really. But I’m so glad we’re navigating this wild year together as always. I am elated that for the first time in five years we’ve been able to have dinner together every night and spend more than just the weekends seeing each other now that I’m working from home. He’s such a beautiful support system, even though he doesn’t think the TikToks I show him all night are that funny.

Our home I’ve said it out loud SO many times this year but I absolutely cannot take for granted that we have a space of our own right now during this time. I’ve been doing so much to make it a cozy and happy place to be since we’re here all the time. The large crickets in my garage though, are a different story.

My sweet cat Winnie has always been my sweet baby, but now more than ever it is so great to get to spend the day with her at my side. She definitely misses my LATE late night schedule — I used to work from 10 pm to 6 am and would sleep allllll day long with her at my feet, but she still likes the snuggles.

My family, near and far My brother and his family, my mom, and Tom’s family are all within a 5-10 minute drive from us. Though, we haven’t seen them very much this year due to Covid. My sister is much farther away, but it’s still really special when we do get together. I’m so happy that we all touch base with each other daily.

Technology Imagine this happening in the 90s!? AGH! FaceTime, Zoom, texting — I’m gracious to these things. It’s so nice to see my family’s faces, even though video chatting can be a little exhausting I’m still so happy I have the option to do it.

This year is surely one I’m never going to forget, as much as I’d really love to. But cheers to trudging along through it all. We’re almost there!


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