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Shopping Small: Pt. 2

Happy Small Business Saturday! This weekend is perhaps one of the busiest times to shop all year. I’ve always found it really wonderful that there was a special day to let small businesses shine in the midst of it all!

Shopping small has become even more important to me and I plan to dive more into smaller shops in the future. Of course, it isn’t always affordable to shop small for everyone so there’s no shame in not participating or buying every gift from a small business. But it’s still great to boost your local artisans and the ones across the internet.

Here’s a second roundup of some of the things I’ve bought from small businesses lately and a few things I have my eye on:

2021 Astrological Planner from Magic fo I: I had my eye on their planners last year but decided to wait. I just got mine and it’s so detailed and so incredible. I cannot wait to use it next year!

Let’s Get Spooky Sweatshirt from MomShirt

Upon opening, this became my favorite sweatshirt almost instantly. It’s so warm and I love the cute little ghost on it. It’s still cozy after being washed, which is often the downfall of a lot of sweatshirts for me. Halloween is over but I’ll definitely be wearing it through the winter, because I can get spooky any time I want to.

Macbook Air Case from MoguMoguShop

When I ordered this I didn’t realize it was coming from South Korea until I got a message from the seller telling me that shipping could be delayed due to Covid. They gave me the option to cancel and I said no way! It honestly didn’t take that long to get to me, and sometimes I really do love that things take a bit to arrive. It fits my laptop perfectly and the color is so nice.

Braided Velvet Headband from Iris Atelier Couture

I haven’t worn a headband in a minute. Honestly, they used to give me headaches because of the pressure combined with my glasses behind my ears was just too much. But I wanted to give resurfaced trend this a try. This is the comfiest headband I’ve ever worn. It’s a pretty versatile color that I can keep wearing through the winter.

Season Essential Oils from Plant Therapy

Another blogger posted this shop on Instagram and I wanted to give them a try. I very recently bought my first essential oil diffuser but wasn’t sure where to buy safe oils from. I picked up Fall Rain, Fireside Flannel and Pumpkin Pie. I diffuse the Pumpkin Pie scent the most while I’m working at night. It’s so soothing! I can’t wait to get more from them.

Ring and Scrunchie from Sun Dog Imports

Not linking this one because the shop just closed it’s doors forever this past weekend (RIP). BUT It was one of my favorite little shops on the island near where I live and I loved taking trips there after a beach day. Before they closed I went up and bought a Tourmaline ring and this really cute purple scrunchie. Ugh, it’s such a bummer when local shops close!

On my wish list:

Dolly Parton Christmas Tee from Blondarazzi Designs: I loveeeee Dolly Parton and fun novelty shirts. Win-win!

Toby Toad 2021 Calendar: I’m a Toby Toad devotee on Instagram. His little posts bring such a light to my day. I have the 2020 calendar so this one is definitely on my list.

Winter Floral Mug by Blaucel Store: All of the mug designs are so lovely. I’m a mug collector, and my cabinets are full but what’s one more mug amiright?

Keith Morrison Winter Mug by Such Mugs: If ya know, ya know.

Feminist Knit Beanie from A Darling Knit Shop: So cute and looks so cozy!

Buffalo Tree Rings Print from Thundervoice Hat Co.: I found this shop on Tiktok and have been eyeing their products for a while. This print is definitely on my wish list!

Beehive Vase by Honeycomb Studio: This vase is SO pretty! I saw it on West Elm’s Instagram stories recently and decided to browse the artist’s shop and they have some truly beautiful pieces.

Nice Buns Candle from 1127 Candle Co.: I feel like I can smell this candle through my computer. I need it haha.

Whimsical Gingerbread Doormat by MagdalinDesigns: The perfect little Anthropologie dupe! Love this doormat.

Pixie Puff Christmas Ornament by Little Celandine: A precious and whimsical handmade Christmas ornament that has won over my heart!

That’s my small biz haul and wish list. If you have any suggestions for places I should check out please please pass them along!


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