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Sunday Not-So-Scaries: November 29

Hello! What a week it’s been. I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, no matter how you spent it. Like a lot of other folks, we didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to on Thanksgiving, and it’s OK! The pandemic is certainly making celebrating the holidays with family hard, and I just want to let you know that if you’re hurting from it — I’m with you and you are not alone.

On a lighter note, though, I did try to get some relaxing in this week. I wasn’t super successful, but I did kick my feet up a few times to enjoy some TV and movies. Here’s a few things that brought me some joy this week:

The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show was so so fun! Kacey’s Christmas album is one of my absolute favorites and I played it on loop while I was decorating the house a little bit last week. If you enjoy cheesy variety-style shows I think you’ll really like this one. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime.

This year I tried to make stuffing from scratch for the first time. I grew up on boxed stuffing and I never even thought of making it any other way. But I had some leftover bread cubes from a different recipe I made a few weeks ago and thought it would be a great way to use the rest of the bag. I found this super easy recipe from Serious Eats and it came out great! I’m a from-scratch stuffing convert now!

I put up one of our Christmas trees last week — we’re going to cut down a real one soon. I bought these cute retro reindeer ornaments from Target in pink and in blue. They look great on my rose gold tree!

I started sending holiday cards last year and vowed to continue it going forward. This year more than ever it feels really important to stick to that plan. I’ve been browsing handmade cards on Etsy and these are such a delight.

A while back I tried a powdered Mexican hot chocolate and really liked it. I found this recipe for it from the Food Network that I’m looking forward to trying.

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday! Go gently, friends.



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