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My Favorite Winter Coats And How to Find a Coat Drive In Your Area

I have a confession to make: I’m a tad bit winter coat obsessed. I have a few in the closet and I’m constantly saving others to my wish list. I spent years of my childhood without a winter coat because we couldn’t afford them. Now I find myself buying up coats, but also giving away coats. Keeping people warm feels really important to me.

I have a few that I really love and I want to share them with you. At the end of this post, I also want to help you find a coat drive in your town — or near it.

Transitional Fall-Winter Coat

  1. Oversized Corduroy Jacket

If you’re in a milder climate (quite frankly I’m jealous of you), or the weather hasn’t quite turned to an icy tundra yet, a lighter jacket that you can layer underneath works wonders. An oversized corduroy jacket is one of my favorites, because it adds some texture to an outfit. The one I have is from Madewell, but I’ve linked a similar one.

For the Zoom Holiday Party

2. Faux Fur Bomber Jacket (Similar here and here).

I have a ridiculous story about this faux fur bomber jacket — in which I ordered it, recieved the wrong color and it was a 5x back-and-forth with the store until the right one came and every time I opened the box I couldn’t stop laughing. It is one of my favorite jackets, though. It’s sold out, but I linked it anyway because I’ve seen it second hand on sites like Poshmark in a variety of sizes and I’ve also linked a similar one. Personally, a faux fur jacket is so much fun and makes an outfit feel so fancy and polished.

Warm at Home

3. Polartec Half-Zip Fleece Pullover

I bought this last year from J. Crew in pink and it’s one of the coziest items I own. I often wear it around the house on a cold day, and even on a quick walk around the block on my lunch breaks. It’s so warm and it comes in a few other colors, too. Hot tip: It’s way cheaper at J. Crew Factory.

Wool Coats

4. Cocoon Coat 5. Funnel-Neck Coat

I have two that I love! The first one from J. Crew is SO warm and I bought it deeply discounted last year in a fun pink color so it really adds a pop of color to an outfit. Right now it’s 60% off! The second is one I bought this year from Old Navy (again on sale), and for the $38 I spent on it I really like it. It’s warm, but not as warm as the J. Crew coat. However, there is room to layer underneath and I also like that it’s long. Gotta cover those legs in the winter!

Heavy Duty

6. Parka

I pulled out the big ones this year and got this North Face Parkina (again, very on sale. Can you tell how I like to shop yet?) It’s easily the warmest jacket I own by a long shot. I will warn the shorter folks — I’m 4’11”, it’s very long. But I’m OK with it!

Ways to Give Back

In addition to having a handful of coats in my closet, I like to give back by donating older coats and gently used coats to those who need them. There are quite a lot of opportunities to do this, here’s a few that you can utilize:

One Warm Coat is a great option. You can key in your zip code to find locations in your area, some are even at local stores.

Jersey Cares obviously this is more local to me, however, I want to share because you can also donate cash if coats aren’t something you can give. Also, you can hold your own virtual coat drive!

I’ve called on my group of friends to go through their closets and see if they have any to part with this year. My hope is to drop off a good number of cold weather items for folks this year.

Spread love and warmth!



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