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Monday Catch Up: Ooh Look at the Tree

Hello! I missed so much of the week last week because I got just so busy. It happens, right?

Last week we picked up a Christmas tree for our house (a second tree, haha). I never had a real Christmas tree growing up, and it’s probably one of my new favorite traditions. Last year we went to a tree farm to cut down our own tree, which I was hoping we could continue doing but with the pandemic, we wanted to minimize our interactions with others (sadly) as much as possible. So we just went to a local lot that has been selling trees for many years. It was a really wonderful experience and I hope we can do it again next year, actually.

I know so many people who have cats that cause chaos when the tree goes up, but Winnie just likes to sleep under it. Thank goodness our trees have always been safe haha.

We decorated our tree on Saturday — kind of a first for us. We typically do everything at once but because of my work schedule we only had time to pick up the tree during the week. We made it special like we always do, though, with some spiked egg nog and holiday music.

My favorite thing about tree decorating, though, is putting up all of our special ornaments. Somehow we started a tradition where every time we took a big trip, we bought an ornament. We’ve collected a small handful and I can’t wait until we can travel again. (Do they have an at-home ornament somewhere?!) Here’s a few of them:

Joshua Tree was the last trip we took and it was a really special memory.

Our honeymoon stop in Sorrento. We bought it from a shop that made them by hand.

Our first trip to the Grand Canyon. It was the best experience and I love the memories we had from it.

The finished product

Do you decorate your tree with special ornaments, too? Don’t get me wrong — we have some really fun glass ball ornaments on there, some plastic robots, and a few other random ceramic ones I picked up over the years (including a pink mug which I really love haha).

That’s all for now! Thanks for catching up with me.


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