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Gruss Vom Krampus

Our new fur babe, Krampus

Last month after our weekend camping trip, Tom brought up the idea of bringing home a kitten. The thought was to give some company to our 12-year-old cat, Winnie, especially for times when we aren’t around. Albeit, that isn’t much any more but we do leave the house sometimes. And when we do, it’s always been jarring for her. We adopted Winnie from a shelter back in 2010 when we moved into our first apartment together. She’s a nervous babe, but is such a love. Especially with us — or I should say Tom. She LOVES Tom.

Sweet Winnie

With this on my mind, I felt like I was seeing more cats up for adoption on my feeds than ever before. And on the eve before Christmas Eve, I spotted this little guy on my timeline. I was drawn to him immediately. I HAD to meet his cat.

The next day I couldn’t let it go, so I waited very impatiently for the shelter to open and made an appointment for the afternoon to see about Krampus the cat. Tom and I masked up and went and knew right then and there he was coming home with us. And after some paperwork, we brought him home that day.

We adopted him for a local shelter that just so happened to be the same one we adopted our cat Winnie from over a decade ago. The whole ordeal felt like kismet, even his name Krampus — which I will add is the name the shelter provided for him and definitely does not match his sweet and gentle demeanor — because we had planned on a trip to Germany for this year which got squashed by the pandemic.

So far he’s in his own room in the house so he can slowly adjust before we let the cats meet. I’ve been reading so many articles and watching videos about how to best get the cats acquainted when we feel the time is right. Until then, he’s getting lots and lots of love from us, and of course Winnie is getting lots and lots of love and lots and lots of treats (second fur child mom guilt, I guess).

I’m so happy we were able to bring him home and out of the shelter. I think he’ll be really happy here. My heart is so so full!


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