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Keeping Memories Alive with Tradition

Growing up my grandmother was very guarded about her life. In fact, it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I even realized that my grandmother had grown up in the Jewish faith. That’s kind of on me, too, because she had a big curio cabinet with all kinds of trinkets and had a mixture of Christmas and Hanukkah pieces in there. She also had this hand-stitched piece hanging in her kitchen, which is now waiting to go up in my own in her memory. But yeah, my grandmother never spoke to us about growing up in her faith. Ever. My parents were both brought up in different Christian sects and chose not to bring us up in any — which I’m sure I’m not an anomaly here. When I got older, my sister and I would ask my grandmother if we could celebrate traditional Jewish holidays with her. She would usually just say maybe and leave it there. I realize that was probably a big ask and a lot to carry for one person, …

Cinnamon Apple Spiced Tea Hot Toddy

Wanna make a bartender angry? Ask for a hot toddy. Well, we’re home and I haven’t been to a bar in a whole minute. Several minutes. February to be exact. So I’ve been playing around with what drinks I like best at home. I tend to be picky about my drinks in general. I’m not a beer fan. Not a wine fan (gasp!) I like hard liquors but prefer to mix them with things. One thing I never thought to do was mix my drinks with something warm until recently when I tried making a traditional hot toddy at home. With the cold brings the drafts into our house — life on a slab! In the winter I want a cozy drink when I’m sitting down to watch a movie on a chilly weekend night. After figuring out that a hot toddy was pretty much my jam for the cold nights, I started making them a little more often. Recently I came across a cinnamon apple spiced tea and thought I should marry the two. …

Simple Overnight Oats

Breakfast is often a really elaborate meal for me. I love making a big production out of breakfast because it used to be the only meal I ate at home when I was working in the office overnight. But now that I’m home all the time, the energy to whip up a spinach and egg omelet with fruit and waffles has dissipated. I’d rather just have coffee and imagine my breakfast will magically appear and wonder why I’m hangry later. With that, I started making overnight oats to bring some simplicity to my mornings. It’s quickly become my new favorite food to make and it’s super easy.