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Cinnamon Apple Spiced Tea Hot Toddy

Wanna make a bartender angry? Ask for a hot toddy. Well, we’re home and I haven’t been to a bar in a whole minute. Several minutes. February to be exact. So I’ve been playing around with what drinks I like best at home. I tend to be picky about my drinks in general. I’m not a beer fan. Not a wine fan (gasp!) I like hard liquors but prefer to mix them with things. One thing I never thought to do was mix my drinks with something warm until recently when I tried making a traditional hot toddy at home. With the cold brings the drafts into our house — life on a slab! In the winter I want a cozy drink when I’m sitting down to watch a movie on a chilly weekend night. After figuring out that a hot toddy was pretty much my jam for the cold nights, I started making them a little more often. Recently I came across a cinnamon apple spiced tea and thought I should marry the two. …

Simple Overnight Oats

Breakfast is often a really elaborate meal for me. I love making a big production out of breakfast because it used to be the only meal I ate at home when I was working in the office overnight. But now that I’m home all the time, the energy to whip up a spinach and egg omelet with fruit and waffles has dissipated. I’d rather just have coffee and imagine my breakfast will magically appear and wonder why I’m hangry later. With that, I started making overnight oats to bring some simplicity to my mornings. It’s quickly become my new favorite food to make and it’s super easy.