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A Special Place

I think we picked the worst week weather-wise to be on a stay-cation. It rained 90% of the week, but we did manage to get out and enjoy one little day of sun. We took a ride down to Barnegat Lighthouse, which is pretty close to wear we live. It’s something we like to do at least once a year, especially post-Labor Day, AKA “Local Summer.” While I skipped the beach this year due to COVID, I utilized my little watermelon pool instead, I missed being down near the ocean. I was hoping to get a nice beach day in this week, but it just didn’t work out and that’s OK. If you’re taking a trip to Barnegat Light, though, be prepared to wear masks while you’re in the park. The lighthouse itself is closed, as well as bathrooms and the visitor center. We still had a nice day out in the park, and it was easy for us to social distance because we stayed away from the pathways. I try not to take for …

N.J. All Day: Franklin Parker Preserve

I’ve been living in New Jersey for 25 of my 31 years now and I am still finding new places to explore here. I used to be jealous of my friends on the West Coast for having year-round sunshine and exquisite hikes, and while we are all probably Vitamin D deficient on the East Coast, we still have access to a lot of beautiful places. Over the weekend we took a hike with some friends to Franklin Parker Preserve in Chatsworth, NJ. One of the best parts of being in the Pine Barrens is there’s a lot of woods to play in, also the Jersey Devil. Folks down here are extremely proud of Jersey Devil lore, and almost everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who swears they had a run in with it. If you’re unfamiliar, the Pine Barrens is an immense ecosystem of unique sandy, acidic pine forests that covers nearly 25% of the state. It’s one of the three remaining on the East Coast, and NJ is home to the …

Vacation Daydreaming: The Grand Canyon

While I’ve been home, I like looking back on the times I went out in the world. Often, I think about wandering around Home Goods, but I like to think about the trips Tom and I have taken over the last few years. It gives me hope that there is an end to this and it gets me thinking about where I want to go next when this is all over.

California Dreamin’

I just (well, two weeks ago) came back from my first trip to the West Coast and seriously, it was the loveliest little winter getaway. Winters in New Jersey can be dreadful, although this one was fairly mild. Even still, I wasn’t taking chances and decided to book a trip out to California to visit friends and get some much-needed sunshine.