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Summer Reading: July

Happy August! I’d ask how we’re already here, but honestly, the days are blurring together and the only way I know it’s August is it’s HOT HOT HOT here in NJ right now. Anyway, I’ve been getting my reading ON, y’all! Just ripping through stories left and right and loving it. What’s better than sitting outside for a little while with a book and some sunblock and escaping for a bit? Or more often for me it’s lying in bed at 3 am with a blanket over my phone to kill the light and reading a library book until my eyes get heavy. I do what I have to do. Here’s what I read in July.

National Library Week 2020

When I was a kid, my mom would take us to the library once a week or so to pick out a new book to read. It’s a memory I cherish and I think about it every time I step foot in the library. It’s been odd not to be able to do that recently, but the library is still alive and well — digitally!