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Casual Halloween Outfits

Over the last 7+ months of being home I’ve been wearing leggings, leggings and more leggings. One thing I want to trying to do a little bit more is get dressed at least once a week for the heck of it. Sometimes I really miss putting together something fun to wear and heading into work and trading outfit compliments with my coworkers. This is obviously the very least of my quarantine worries, but there’s no right way to measure how this effects us. Covid times are so strange. Not only have I been getting dressed up way less, but with Halloween rolling around I haven’t even made up a costume. Halloween costumes can be really fun, but embarrassingly I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a very long time. Over the recent years when things got busy or parties dwindled, I just took to wearing some kind of Halloween-themed outfit and called it a day. But even still, it always brought me joy and boosted my Halloween spirit. One thing I’ll say about my fashion …

Buying Vintage Clothes Online

If there’s one thing I’m usually on the hunt for, it’s something vintage. There’s something about finding the perfect piece that no one else is wearing that is just so exciting for me. My collection isn’t very big, but I do love the pieces that I have. Over the last year I’ve found it a little more difficult to find vintage clothes in my size. It can be pretty frustrating, but I’m here to tell you that plus size vintage is not a unicorn, you just have to have some tools under your belt and a bit of patience.