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Natural Deodorants I’m Trying This Summer

Natural deodorant is something I’ve been dabbling in off and on over the last few years. But once the summer hits I usually ditch it for fear it won’t work in this unforgivable Jersey heat and humidity and go right back to my tried and true conventional deodorant. But since I’m not really going anywhere and am keeping a 6’ distance if I am around people, now feels like the best time to try again and really put these deodorants to the test over the summer.

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: April 19

I’ve honestly lost track of how many Sundays it’s been since I’ve been inside. I want to say I’m on week six, but I’ve stopped counting. It’s starting to feel a little bit normal, which is weird. But, I’m thankful I can be cozy at home even when it doesn’t always feel great. Here’s a few things that are helping me trudge along during this strange time.