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How to Stain and Hang a Bedroom Door

Slowly but surely Tom and I are making our way through the rooms in our house to turn them into what we want them to be. One thing we’ve done in the two rooms we’ve worked on so far is replace the doors. Obviously when renovating you don’t HAVE to change out the doors, but we did because we made drastic changes to the trim in our finished rooms and we wanted the doors to match. When we bought our home, the previous owner used very wide white trim throughout the house that just wasn’t our style. We chose a thinner trim and stained it with Varathane wood stain in espresso. We purchased an unfinished wooden pre-hung bedroom door from The Home Depot.  The one we purchased isn’t online, so I’m linking a similar version here. Now for the rest I’m giving it to Tom, because he’s the one who has the know-how here, haha: The staining process: The door was smooth enough so I didn’t feel the need to sand it or the trim …

A Tale of Two Living Rooms

When we moved into our home (almost two years ago now!!!!!), Tom and I debated over which space would be our living room. He voted to have our living room in the front of the house, I voted the back. The ceilings are high in the back of the house, it’s out of the way (aka we don’t need to keep it tidy all the time) and the natural lighting is a bit better back there. With our friends on my side and my great persuasion, our living room went to the back. Win for me! As time went on, though, I had a change of heart and had to do the slow crawl back to let him know he was right, and we should give the front of the house a try. You have to be able to admit when you’re wrong sometimes, I guess.

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: May 10

Spring is really here now in New Jersey, JK it’s freezing outside. It felt so good to open up the windows last weekend, but hopefully the warm weather makes its way back soon. Oh, but I’d like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommas & momma figures out there! I’ve been trying to stay busy, but a slow busy. Mostly reading some books after work. I just finished reading Young House Love’s Lovable, Livable Home. It gave me so many ideas for when we can complete all of our half-finished home renovations that we started at the beginning of the shutdown. We’ve been refraining from heading to the stores for supplies, so we’re just working with what we’ve got, but if you are doing that it’s totally OK! We just don’t feel comfortable. Here’s a little sneak peek of our guest bedroom: I found out that a local bookstore at the Jersey Shore is participating in an alternative platform for audiobook subscriptions. There’s a lot of indie bookstores on the …