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N.J. All Day: Franklin Parker Preserve

I’ve been living in New Jersey for 25 of my 31 years now and I am still finding new places to explore here. I used to be jealous of my friends on the West Coast for having year-round sunshine and exquisite hikes, and while we are all probably Vitamin D deficient on the East Coast, we still have access to a lot of beautiful places. Over the weekend we took a hike with some friends to Franklin Parker Preserve in Chatsworth, NJ. One of the best parts of being in the Pine Barrens is there’s a lot of woods to play in, also the Jersey Devil. Folks down here are extremely proud of Jersey Devil lore, and almost everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who swears they had a run in with it. If you’re unfamiliar, the Pine Barrens is an immense ecosystem of unique sandy, acidic pine forests that covers nearly 25% of the state. It’s one of the three remaining on the East Coast, and NJ is home to the …

Defining the Weekend

I love New Jersey’s official Twitter account right now for reminding me what day it is. Never have I felt caught in a loop of endless days – well, not counting that annual week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Prior to the shutdowns, my husband and I basically only saw each other on the weekends. I always looked forward to Saturdays because it meant the work week was over, but also because Tom and I would get to spend some time together. Usually we would go out with friends, head to a local bar or restaurant, go to a movie, I can’t go on or I’ll get weepy about the outside world.