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10 Podcasts to Get You Ready for Halloween

Ohh I love a good scary story. Spending half a decade taking the long long drive to and from New York City late at night into the wee hours of the morning I would scare the living hell out of myself on the regular listening to horror podcasts. There were many times (an embarrassing number of times, actually) where I would turn my interior light on or swipe my arms to the back seats to check for a serial killer mid-way through my drive home. As if some crazed murderer would be waiting the 20 minutes it took to get from Manhattan to I-95 to finally strike. Yeesh. I haven’t made my 90 minute commute in about 7 months now, so my podcast listening has dwindled a little bit. But, with Halloween around the corner I’ve been diving back in for some much-needed scary stories. I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite creepy podcasts to get you in the Halloween mood: The Last Podcast on the Left: True Crime, ghosts, UFOs, supernatural things, comedy. I …

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: August 2

Happy Sunday, y’all! I’ve been having a lot of lazy Sundays lately and I’m not mad about it. There’s something really special about taking your time and doing absolutely nothing (if that’s available to you). I’m really glad I can slow down these days and just relax. And here we are in August! Not a ton is going on and yet a lot at the same time. We are still working on our living room — a post will come soon about this. But I just ordered some furniture for our new space so fingers crossed it works out! Here’s a few things that have been getting me by lately: Have you listened to The Michelle Obama Podcast yet? Her first episode is with Barack Obama, of course, and it’s just so lovely. I’m looking forward to hearing more of her episodes. A friend of mine just sent me this exciting tidbit: The long-awaited Action Park documentary, Class Action Park is coming to HBO this month. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am unapologetically …

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: April 26

Are the weeks just blending together anymore? Sure feels like it. On the bright side, I’ve finally found an at-home daily routine that’s added more structure to my days. I generally go to sleep at wake up around the same time now and squeeze in a short at-home workout and a walk before work if I can. It’s not much but it does help. In addition to my new schedule, I’ve sprinkled in a few things while at home to make the days a little brighter.