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WHEW! I know the running joke all year long has been how awful 2020 is but this year has truly been such a bear. I’m glad it’s almost over if I’m being honest, but I’m also really glad that I’ve made it this far. When we think about Thanksgiving, we think about gratitude. What are we grateful for? Sometimes, though, it can be hard to recognize what we are thankful for daily. Especially for folks (like your’s truly) struggling with mental health issues — it can be hard to focus on anything else sometimes. But, I’ve reminded myself weekly since March of the handful of things that I am grateful for during this pandemic. So I wanted to share a few of them with you all. My husband Goes without saying, really. But I’m so glad we’re navigating this wild year together as always. I am elated that for the first time in five years we’ve been able to have dinner together every night and spend more than just the weekends seeing each other now …

My Skin Care Favs

Long before I was home all day every day (forever and ever?), I had a pretty low maintenance makeup skin care routine. I’ve since amped up the skincare part, but broke up with makeup for the time being. I generally wore minimal makeup during the workweek to begin with and often only applied a full face of makeup on the weekends if I was going out. ‘Member going out? I’ve had breakouts from a young age and have been on an endless journey to find the best products possible for my skin. I cringe when I think about all of the harsh things I’ve used over the years — I went through a straight up rubbing alcohol phase (!!!!!!!!) as a teen. So needless to say, I’m doing a lot of cleanup. That cleanup process has been including a lot more earth friendly, skin friendly, cruelty-free products. I’m not perfect and I’m still learning — but here are a few I’m using allllll the time these days while I’m home.