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Wishing my husband Tom the happiest birthday in the universe! He inspires me and motivates me so much. It’s just so wild to me that he’s 32 today, because it feels like yesterday that we were 14 and 15-year-old kids in middle school. Despite how shakey 2020 has been, I hope you have the best year ever. xoxooxoooo -K

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: September 20

Hello, hello! It’s really starting to feel like fall here in New Jersey, and it’s THE BEST! I got so excited that I packed away almost all of my summer clothes already, hoping for no rogue 80 degree days. This week was quite a blur, most likely because my stay-cation came to an end and it’s been an adjustment getting back into the swing/night shift. I’ve been doing this for nearly five years now so I know it just takes some time! On a somber note, I want to acknowledge the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spent her entire career fighting for equality, and for that I thank her. I do want to share a few things that have brought some light to my week, though. The cooler weather has put me in a baking mood. The fall and winter are my favorite times of the year to make sweets. I made this skillet peach cobbler recipe from Half Baked Harvest this week, topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream …

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: September 13

It’s been a rainy week, but a happy one. I enjoyed having an entire week off with my husband, even if we didn’t get out much and spent time taking turns playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on PS4, which I am very bad at. We would have been in Germany this week if COVID hadn’t happened, but I’m dreaming up our plans to really do it big whenever we can finally get there. I just got back from spending the weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and my little sweet nephew. He’s about ready to walk and had me on my toes! It was such a special visit and I’m so happy I was able to visit with them safely. A few things I’m loving this week: I know buying jeans seems really weird right now, but sometimes I want some normalcy back in my life. Transitioning into fall clothes is about to happen and I’d like to try to wear more than loungewear while I’m working remotely, but we’ll see if I actually do. No …

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: August 16

Hi, hello Sunday! This week was a bit busy for me, so I’m indulging in my favorite new tradition – doing absolutely nothing all day on Sunday. What a gift. Last week Tom and I finally took the plunge and ordered furniture for our new living area space. I’m really excited to see how it’ll all come together and share it here. There’s nothing I love more than being at home these days, so why not make it the coziest place to be? A few things I’m loving right now: Our new gallery wall! I have been struggling with what kind of art to hang in our hallway and decided to make a gallery wall of old family photos. I love the way it came out. Shoutout to Tom for doing all the brainwork – apparently I’m not very good at math/measurements, but I think we got it down perfectly. Teamwork! I used these frames from Target, which came in a nine pack – the perfect amount of photos for our hallway. I’ve been daydreaming …

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: August 2

Happy Sunday, y’all! I’ve been having a lot of lazy Sundays lately and I’m not mad about it. There’s something really special about taking your time and doing absolutely nothing (if that’s available to you). I’m really glad I can slow down these days and just relax. And here we are in August! Not a ton is going on and yet a lot at the same time. We are still working on our living room — a post will come soon about this. But I just ordered some furniture for our new space so fingers crossed it works out! Here’s a few things that have been getting me by lately: Have you listened to The Michelle Obama Podcast yet? Her first episode is with Barack Obama, of course, and it’s just so lovely. I’m looking forward to hearing more of her episodes. A friend of mine just sent me this exciting tidbit: The long-awaited Action Park documentary, Class Action Park is coming to HBO this month. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am unapologetically …

Sunday Not-So-Scaries: July 12

Woo… Another week, how are we doin’? Things are starting to come along at our house right now which is really exciting. We moved in nearly two years ago and hadn’t been able to make the changes we envisioned when we bought it. At the beginning of March we started renovating our living/dining rooms but had to put it off due to the shutdowns until recently. I’m happy to say it’s FINALLY finished! Once it’s decorated I’ll be sharing a post about it, and I can’t wait. The only downside is I’m finding I feel very indecisive about which furniture pieces I’d like for our new living area — I currently have six tabs open with different area rugs. I know the right one will catch my eye eventually, though. Maybe. While working on our home has been keeping us pretty busy lately, here’s a few things I’m loving right now: It has been HOT lately, and it’ll be in the 90’s next week here in Jersey. I haven’t felt comfortable going to the beaches …

Summer Reading: June

The biggest perk of being at home all the time and never leaving my house again (crying) is that I can read SO much more than I did before when I was commuting over 3 hours every single day. I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to share the books I read in June. I will add that all of these were books I read using an e-reader with the Libby andHoopla apps while my library was closed.

Back Again

This year has been so wild. I can’t even get all of the words out to describe it. For the first leg of the spring, I took a break from blogging to take care of my mental health as Covid was running rampant in my state. We are mostly contained here in N.J., thankfully, but we are also still home, still social distancing and still following guidelines to stay as safe as possible as the summer season heats up and more and more tourists come down to the shore for weeks off and weekends just a short distance from where we live.